Slowly our eyes widend with amazement. I didn't know if it was a dream. My goldfish flew across the blackish brown sky. I just stood stood there there knowing not to next. Until a light bulb just popped. I went to get the tallest ladder. After I set up the weatherd down ladder. Right when he was coming I...
Finally, I figured out how to make it rain food. I'm going to tell everyone in town. Also the mayor said I can try it. So I'm going to do it today. I thought there's only a little bit of people in but I was mistaken. It was time. So I tryed it. It was amazing untill the food was going down the drainpipe. It came down the drainpipe and turned into red goo. Good thing it was a dream, or was it.
The red vicious snake cycled its way towards me. The clock was ticking till my death. The snake pounced to me but I dodged right before it put its venomous fangs in me. I thought of all the things I know about snakes but everything that came in mind was from cartoons and grabbing the snake. The snake corned me and jabbed it's sharp teeth into me. After an hour I woke up and realized I was the snake.

!00 WC WEEK 14

Times Up          "Class this weeks prompt is a monkey pushing a computer." "What" everyone gasped. But right when the teacher said those words my brain was filled with ideas. "So class you have one hour. Your time starts now. I didn't know which idea to choose. It was like I was in a room filled with doors but I didn't know which one to choose. Right when I got an idea the teacher said "your time is up."

100 WC WEEK 13

"Run!" yelled the zookeeper with fright.
Slowly did I realize that he yelled "run" because all the animals were escaping! So I simply followed instructions and ran like my butt was on fire! Running and running finally I found an exit. But the tiger was blocking my escape. Then the tiger saw me dead in the eye. So the tiger came closer and closer until....

The Sandwich

"Goodness, that sandwich was heavenly. Thanks for the outstanding sandwich."beamed  Allen with full of excitiment.
"It's just a sandwich,"mum replied.
"You might think it's just a sandwich but that sandwich made me feel energetic.
Just like a brand new battery."
"Are you okay? You always hated my cooking." Mum said, sounding confused.
"Okay, I feel great"
"That's good."
"Please mom, just please can you make another sandwich?"
"You like my cooking?"Mum sniffled with tear rolling down her cheek.
"I do!" exclaimed Allen.
So his mum hurried to the kitchen and made a sandwich.
                                YEARS LATER

"Mum can you make another sandwich?"
"Get off your butt and make it yourself!"

There I was try to steal the statue as sneakily as possible. Those fancy rich directors think they can just get away with denying my drawing. Nope, so this is why I'm doing this. After that situation I thought to my self where should I put it. Thinking and thinking finally it hit me the woods. Finally I arrived  I was intrigued that no one was there. Digging and digging I finally buried it. Right when I thought I was going to go back to my hideout safely the cops were on me. I never told those donut eating cops that I put the sculpture in the woods. So the statue still is unknown.